Jul 27, 2008


The moment I saw this post, I was drooling. How cool is that card!!! I looooove the way she did this and KNEW that I had to try it too. Cept I am not blessed with Nesties yet, so I just used my CM cutting system and I think it worked out great!!!

Her pictures of course look way more professional than mine. But I loved this card just the same. And I cant wait to change it up a bit and do it a different way.

Anyways. Go check out Melanie's blog, she has the tutorial on it. You will love it! UBER AWESOME!!


Patty Williams said...


finnabair said...

what can I say..cool idea - beautifulcar :) best wishes :)

Melinda said...


You are amazing. (Did I happen to mention that already?)

I'll probably say it again, too.

*Hugs* from Utah

Tracy said...

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing it!