Jul 25, 2008

Mama's Boy

This is a card that I can safely post now, as DAWN has received her goody bag. This is the card I sent with her gift. I am just now catching on to the chipboard craze. I kinda like it!

Whats not to love when you look into them eyes??

This is Cyris. The most spoiled rotten beagle/bassett in the land.

I am recovering from a dentist visit yesteray. So my mojo is slightly out of kilter. But here is some cards that I have done in the past couple of weeks. I hope to rejoin the living SOON!

I told you, Ive had a thing for pink and green lately. Hard to be sad or down when you see these colors flashed at you.

I hope your weekend is fabulous. Seems like ours are numbered as school starts here on the 11th. YIPES!

Be blessed-b


Patty Williams said...

OH BEcky, I love the cards! All of them..the Stampin' fool one is just too cool ! Love the image..

Love Cyris too, how loveable is he!

DS had a dentist appt yesterday, poor babe, first time he's had to be numbed and he was so cute! Can't believe the kid had 4 cavities in baby teeth..and now they think 2 of them will have to be pulled! He has to go back next week to have the other one filled cuz it was on the opposite side of his mouth ! (and we're going camping and have to come back in for his appt!)

I know what you mean about the countdown to school. I cannot believe it's almost August! Where did the time go??

okey dokey...way too rambly!

Have a great weekend and take care of yourself, ya hear!

Hugs hon!

finnabair said...
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finnabair said...

It's really hard to me to decide what I love the most - the cards or your dog ....Stamping fool is amazing, real stamping madness...and the dog's eyes.....well, let's say we've also got a beagle...:*

mornin'lady said...

Cards are awesome Becky, and I actually have that last set with the melons, hmmmm, now you got my gears kickin' in again!
School already? gosh, times flyin'.
Blessings on those stiches gal.

Anonymous said...

Im so lovin Dawn's card, that's my favorite, I love daisys and the font of the d...Awesome!