Jul 10, 2008


Ha! You thought I was going to announce it right here right now didnt you??? Well, noooo...I just wanted you to know that I have CHOSEN a winner. I put everyone's name in a hat and shook it all around and drew the name. WOOHOO! I am uber excited about this one!!

Anyways. The prize is being assembled now and this afternoon when it is all ready--I will announce it!!

Have a great and fantastic day!

be blessed!--b


Patty Williams said...

ROFLOL...Why Miss Becky, you are such a tease!

Thanks for the giggles...needed it!

Have a fabulous day!

Lori Stilger said...

Yup, a TEASE. :D That's BECKY!!!! :D

Can't wait to see pics of the room redo! :D

Love ya, Beck!