Jul 10, 2008

Too pooped to post prize!

Hey guys. I will announce the winner....(in a minute). But just so ya all know this is sooo not how I had planned to make this announcement. My day has T-Totally gotten away from me. And since I have to be up and on the road no later than 7 am....my tailfeathers are just gonna give up for the night.

But on a lighter and happier note! The room is PAINTED!!! It is STENCILED! The bed has been made and everything has been arranged. I love it. Hannah loves it. And Daddy loves it. Now lets pray that HEATHER loves it.

I cant post pics yet. I seriously DOUBT that Heather will get online before she gets home to see it, but just in case she DOES...I want to reserve some of her surprise.

Happy weekend friends.

*slowly turning into a pumpkin!*

---Omigosh...nearly forgot to post the NAME. Geesh

DAWN!!!!! You recently started visiting and wow! It must be a God thing, cause honey YOU are the winner of the blog candy!!!! So sweet cheeks, email me your info and someday soon I will get your prize to you!!!!



Patty Williams said...

Congrats to Dawn, enjoy your goodies!

mornin'lady said...

Yahoo!!! thank you, thank you, so much. Who would have thought :)
and thank you for so much inspiration I find here too