Jul 8, 2008


One can of Eddie Bauer TOMATO red paint $25.00
2 paint brushes, rollers & tray liners $8

One small kitten sporting half of her body with a brand new coat of said TOMATO red paint....PRICELESS!

I wish I could have caught her sooner because she was covered. She got most of it off already. But dontchya like the racing stripe effect she has going for her?? NO, in case you are wondering, I did NOT push her or convince her to rub up against the wall. The darling sweet pea did that all on her own! Since she also couldnt share the blame with anyone she spent the next hour under neath the bed in complete humiliation!!!

So folks, here it is...proof YOU can repaint things in your life if you so want to! Twinkle obviously didnt like her boring gray color.

Good luck with YOUR paintings!

**EDITED** I decided that maybe she might need a bath before the paint actually cured. So here we go. Can you feel the love that this sweet baby is showing her mama??



Patty Williams said...

OH MY ! cute..but you are a very brave woman!! Giving a cat a bath! We only tried it once with our old cat...let's just say , we never did it again! (but he had gotten into something very smelly!) Our cats we have now, are indoor cats, so we don't have to worry quite so much :)

Can't wait to see pics!

mornin'lady said...

I love the bath pictures and your comments on them, made me smile :)

Patty Williams said...

I just had to show the kids these pics of poor Twink! So sad and so cute! Our cats would tear us up if we tried to bathe them! Can hardly hold them if we are trying to do any "work" on them! LOL

Melinda said...

These are hilarious! You have a very good kitty. Poor little wet thing!