Apr 21, 2008

Another glorious Monday!

I just looove this stamp! Okay...so its probly not one that I would grab off the shelf at a store, but since getting it from a garage sale (THANKS ROBIN!) I have completely fallen in love with it! It is sooo much fun to color!
As most of you know, I am one of those sick people that really LOVE Mondays! Everything returns to a nice schedule after a usual weekend of chaos and absolutely no schedule. Kiddies are off to school and darling hubby is off to work. Leaving me to gather my thoughts, do household chores and enjoy the morning sun. Dont get me wrong. I love being with my family more than anything, but I looooooooooooooove those quiet Monday mornings.
Last night we went to Zuma (which is a funland with arcade games, mini golf, bumper cars...etc etc.) and I couldnt help but watch this large family Birthday party. They were all African American. Now mind you I am not telling you this to point out differences or lash out slander -- I am saying its fascinating how God made us sooo different. Anyways, I was watching the children and just couldnt help but smile. There were 4 or 5 little bitty toddlers that were just adorable. The girls had their hair all up in a bagillion braids. Their naturally tan skin made em look so healthy. I have 2 little girls and tho I believe they are the most beautiful of all, these children had an air about them. Something I havent ever seen in a white child. They danced with each step. When they smiled they smiled from their tippy toes. They looked more like works of art than little bodies. PLEASE PLEASE to all my friends that are black, this is NOT a call against colored. Like I said...it was sheer amazement at the proof that God is a miracle worker. He can make us all so much alike yet so vastly different. I am sooooo grateful that we all exist together.
So what are YOU doing today? Notice any miraculous differences around you lately? Stop and take a moment to thank Jesus for the great things in life we get to experience. --be blessed...B


Anonymous said...

Becky..I know what you mean...I had never been around "Black" people until I met my husband...Naturally he's black...but they are just completely different then white people...My husband laughs with all he has, and Smiles from the tip of his toes...They are hilarous, and the kids are just the same way...My husband & his family are some of the most Humble people I have ever met...Glad you shared, Great Blog!

Anonymous said...

I have stopped by before, I just don't comment alot...but I read alot, especially @ work...You have a beautiful family...I love reading all about it!!! Stop by anytime...I added you to My favorite blogs, so I would remember to stop more often!!!!! AS far as the cleaning....Girlfriend..Your the DOmestic Diva...you can show me a thing or too!!!! Much Love & God Bless!