Feb 14, 2008

Its that little thing they call the Love Bug!

Look at what my darling dear sent me! Arent they just simply the most gorgeous?? I soooo love tulips. They are so simple and so elegant. And he had them delivered just for me. Isnt that the sweetest thing?? To think...he picked ME out of the 6 gozillion people on earth. That thought alone is enough to make me feel like a princess. I am blessed. The Valentine Construction Zone was in full force last night. We had pink paper and hearts a flying every which direction. Its hard to believe that Heather is now "too big" for boxes and Hannah is just now starting her career of constructing. Why do they have to grow up? I love this stage...when holidays are simply amazing. Even the simple ones like Valentines Day.

This is Mr. Bunny. His mouth is the opening in which she will receive her Valentines. Isnt he cute??? We had a lot of fun with him. I was thrilled that she was happy with just a BUNNY. She loves Easter and always has. So when I asked what she wanted to make, her natural response was an Easter Bunny. YIPES! Hannah...not EVERYTHING can be Easter. You can bet if she could find some Easter Valentines they would have surely been in our cart. She was happy with the Hello Kitty ones tho.

Then on to Heathers. She, like I said...is "too big" for Valentines Boxes, but she wanted to make a few cards for her friends. These are featuring Naruto. Just some clips we found online. I of course added a whee bit to them and then we put some candy in some bags to go with them.

Funny how she has grown. Still caring about details, but never ever willing to admit it to anyone. I love that girl!

OK...I love em both! I will be honest.

I have the bestest family in the whole wide world. So remind me of that when I have one of those times where I am certain they are all from Mars and I have been cursed with their presence.

Ya know, I wonder....did Jesus' mama ever want to hang him from the rafters? Did he ever get under her skin, where she simply wanted him to just go out and play? Did she ever wonder what on earth was he thinking? Or did he ever roll his eyes at her? Often times we forget at what a true blessing our kids and yes, even spouses are. Never know...they might be on their way to being that ONE person that changes everything for mankind. You could be raising a saint, right now as you read this. You could be raising the next Bill Gates, Ronald Reagan or Ghandi...how bout Mother Theresa? Gosh...makes me stop and take a deep breath and not be so quick to run them on out of my way.

So on this Valentines Day....take all the hugs and kisses you can get. No matter how many you stockpile, I promise your supply will ALWAYS be running low.

At this rate of posting facts about me, by the time I get to 100 I will have to start over cause I will have all new things. Shows ya how long of a memory I have.

OK...so heres some more facts about me...on my trek to 100.

26. My favorite taste & smell is coconut. YUM! I love everything about the stuff.

27. My biggest fear is to not be able to scream when I am scared. Dh says this is the most rediculous thing he has ever heard of cause I could win emmy awards for my blood curdling screech.

28. I hate haunted houses. You could send me in the lamest haunted house out there and I will still scream and cry like a baby.

29. Up until about a year ago you couldnt pay me to eat sushi. Now I looooove the stuff! Mostly just tuna...I will not never no how eat octopus. EWWW!

30. Theres a woodpecker outside my window right now...we have named him Frank...isnt he beautiful??

Be blessed--b


Cheryl KVD said...

Hello! I love the quest to do 100 things about you!! It's very fun to get to know you. Thank you SO much for the ultra sweet comments you made on my blog. It means so much to me!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

Anonymous said...

#29 -- bait is my favorite meal in the whole world -- you'll have to splurge and try Sushi Nabe down near the carousel in Chattanooga!!


Unknown said...

Mr. Bunny <-- Omg he is just toooo funny!! Made me laugh so hard!

Jessica Lynn

Lesli said...

Mr. Bunny is so cute - beautiful flowers!!!

Imagine That Digistamp said...

Awww...sweet! My favorites are pink tulips...I'd rather have tulips than roses. This is a very sweet bird. Oh my goodness!! I'm with ya on the screaming thing, however mine would be to be undergoing surgery and have the painkillers wear off but be paralyzed and not be able to convey that I'm in pain. THAT'S MY WORST FEAR!! Well, that and sharks. :) Nice blog you have here. I have 2 little girls too!

Anonymous said...

Lovely tulips!

I love coconut! Coconut cream pie is my fave and I just now, a minute ago found out my favorite pie shop is back in business again...OHgosh, I will be ordering a pie on Tuesday!

Love birds too and that's a good lookin' Woody you have there !

Kids.... 'nuff said!

Monkey Giggles said...

I am not a fan of the taste of coconut but I do love the smell of it. Weird huh?