Feb 12, 2008

A good weekend, a long recovery and good mail!

This week, instead of a sketch CHELSEY and I decided to altar our mailboxes. This first one that I did, is for Heather. Simple. To the point and just plain. The image on the flag is Oriental LOVE. Heather LOOOVES oriental stuff so I thought this was perfect. I didnt decorate the front or the back.

Hannah, on the other hand is very much like her mama and loves everything BLINGED out! I used these uber cool rub-ons that I got a few weeks ago. Of course adding some Primas and some bling bling.

Our Schwans weekend was WONDERFUL! Sooo very inspiring and motivating. We met some fabulous people, got to know a few a bit better and over all just had a great time.
I am slowly starting to feel better. I can honestly say I felt FABULOUS all weekend, but now I am sniffling again and having a heck of a time getting my energy level back up. I am doing a bit better today though and I hope to be back to normal soon.
A gentleman enlightened me this weekend with a phenominal statement. Decide what you need. Then decide what you want. Then put every ounce of your being into both. WOW! Arent those words amazing? OK...no they are not earth shattering and to most they are just common sense words. But it was a true V-8 moment.
For me...I want a loving and secure family. I want a home that is a sanctuary for that family. I want a good relationship with the Lord and I of course want wonderful people in my life. I want to have fun. I want to be financially secure enough to HAVE a little fun...and the snowball goes round and round. But the reason this was so amazing is the thing he said at the end. Use EVERY ounce of your being...Not just some. Not just a half way job here and there...but EVERY single ounce. So when I study in the mornings...read to broaden my relationship. When I clean even the gross toilets...do it so that my family has a clean and welcoming place to return to each evening.
OK...so now on to my point. Do everything that you are doing today with gusto. Make it count. Now...I know there are days that you just simply cant. Like when you are sick and simply getting off the couch takes all the gusto you got. But on those days that you make the kids lunch...make it with an extra kiss....or maybe its being more Christian-like by blessing that car that has been waiting for eons to pull out into traffic. Slow down and let the poor guy in, afterall....wouldnt you like the same?
Let those around you know how much they mean to you. Make each and every single ounce COUNT!

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Anonymous said...

Hey... love the mailboxes... they are adorable! I'm wondering what you filled them with?? I have some to alter and am always looking for ideas of what to put in them. Thanks for sharing your v-8 moment. I love it! Also... wanted to let you know that I bought those old people stamps from art impressions - birthday couple.. lady dancing.. gossip club..etc, not to mention I have several "old people" from rubbernecker. So if you want some more images.. I'd be happy to do a swap with you. Also wanted to let you know I cased all of those old people cards.. Have a great day!