Feb 19, 2008

Everything is better with CUPCAKES

Isnt it funny that no matter what kind of mood you are in, it is next to impossible to think about a cupcake without feeling even a shimmer of happiness? Imagine the power you would have if you had that effect on people. WOW! Instead..."wow, my wife really isnt all I had hoped for", or "man...mom sure was in a grumpy mood this morning". What if they went about their daily lives with smiles on their faces each and every time they thought of you . What if they were more excited to come home tonight than they usually are. Wouldnt it be amazing if EVERY day could be a cupcake day?

I learned an incredible thing the other day at Walmart! Ha! Yes, it is proof that knowledge is EVERYWHERE -- even at the local discount store. Anyways...the gentleman that was checking me out carried on a very intriguing conversation. I wont bore you to death and go over every aspect of it but it is what he said as he handed my my receipt that made the biggest impact on me. Now mind you I was having a pickle sort of day. You know...where you are just full of vinegar and are pretty content with being mad at the world? Well...this man...said
Go and MAKE it a great day.

*GASP* You mean I have control over the fact that I am having a sucky day?? You mean I can make it better? You mean "I" have to do it? I cant just wait for some miraculous blessing to fall out of the sky and enlighten me with happiness?? Now...my day didnt change much but it didnt get any worse either, as I am certain it probably would have. It made me realize that we truly do have the keys right there in our pocket to make our lives exactly what we want them to be.

So I have done a lot of soul searching. A lot of self meditating and such this past week. Hence the reason there havent been many posts. Our Sunday Sermon was also a major factor in this...

You know how when your computer gets all fuzzled? When none of the programs work properly. When your files are all in the wrong place and when the whole system just drags? To remedy this one might install the boot disk. This will return it back to the original factory settings. This takes off all of the installed programs, all of the saved files and everything that you have done to your system. You then get the grueling chore of reinstalling each program that you WANT back on there. Though, this time you are installing each with the upmost care, making sure to install it just PERFECTLY because you want everything to run smooth. You dont install the programs that you THOUGHT you wanted...but just the really important ones that you know you do.

Well, how many of our lives need to be returned back to the original factory settings? How many of us need to return back to a 4 year olds way of thinking that you truly CAN be a princess or a fairy if you want to. No one has yet told you that the chances are slim to none. Or how bout that you ARE the most beautiful girl (or boy) in the whole wide world? And certainly the smartest. Our boot disk is right beside us...the Bible. Does it not say those things in there? Does it not say that we can do ANYTHING through Christ? Hmmm...somewhere along the way my file got corrupt and told me I couldnt. How bout yours? How many relationships do you have that arent healthy? That arent running as the original programming has told them to run? Do they need to be rebooted too? Maybe some files need to be deleted altogether.

OK...nuff preaching for today. But I wanted you to know whats been happening here with me. Im not ignoring all of you...and I appreciate each and EVERY single one of your comments. You all bless me with so much.

Now...lets get on to some cards ---eh????

This is for CHELSEY & I's challenge this week, but I for the life of me cannot find the file that had a copy of the sketch. I guess I ate it. The background (what you can see of it) is the bouncing brayer technique on glossy card stock.

And here is the SCS challenge. These first 2 cards are using images that I received in the flood. Which have you all checked out the slideshow up there?? Arent I getting some magnificant cards????? I have had soo much fun!

This is using my new TAC set. I love these little dogs. Arent they too cute??

Speaking of dogs... Cyris has begun his training and he is doing amazingly well!!! OK...hes still pigheaded when it comes to running off with his friends. But he is learning. Yesterday we went for a walk and he stayed RIGHT with me. I was uber proud of him. He is such a good boy.

And heres a Twink update. Look at her new hiding place!! This is in the storage area. And yes, that is the ceiling! She is a good 9 feet up in a box!!!!! I think she has discovered this place because Hannah cant find her NOR reach her up there. Hahahha---maybe shes not such a dumb dumb after all.
31. I have a severe addiction to jigsaw puzzles, as in I usually cant have one going because I litterally get nothing else accomplished.

32. I dont like dark chocolate. Would seriously rather have none than that.

33. I have only had 3 surgeries in my life. Two of those were c-sections and the other was Lasik on my eyes.

So today....rather than saying BE BLESSED as I usually do....I am going to say
MAKE it a blessed day!---b

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Anonymous said...

Like you new header :)

Life really is what you make it, isn't it? It's not always easy but a smile and a good thought goes a long way.

Love all the cards, especially the friends one and the doggie! They are just adorable.

Another thing to remember is Words do have POWER...

Thanks for the thought provoking post!