Jan 7, 2008

OK...so I am blaming the MOJO again.

GOOD MORNING! Well I scrapped yesterday. I am ok with my two layouts. But boy it sure was a lot harder to make a layout than I remember. I felt as though I had never done it before. Though looking back through my books before I started I had proof that I had, I was even kinda good at it. ~sigh~ I guess EVERYTHING cant be like riding a bike right? But since I just sent a print order into Walgreens for 198 photos I will have plenty of new pics to scrap. Now mind you...I am still not caught up with ummmm 2002-2007. Aww but whos counting?

Youll have to forgive me with the scans for a bit. I am still trying to figure out the scanner and the dang program. But anyways...this little bitty pic is of an 8x8 double layout. I did all the journaling on the computer. And looky! I even STAMPED on the page! The swirley things were a part of a big ole frame that I never used. I disected it...and got some great new stamps! WOOHOOO! Anyways. The Title is YOU ARE THE WORLD and it has the first verse of the song that Brad Paisley sings called THE WORLD. Explaining that to everyone else you are just another girl, but Baby to me...you are the world. The ribbon on the side is a luscious black velvet. And then I of course added BLING BLING.

This is a the first layout I did for a new album I am starting (OK...yes I should probly finish a few of the ones I have already started...). This is an all about me book. What I live for TODAY. I have a scrapbook of my growing up. But nothing that says what I am passionate about now. So here we have the first installment. This is my sister in law. She has become my very best friend and I am sooooo grateful for her. I wanted to document it SOMEWHERE. The layout is simple...only because the page is only 6x6--YIPES! Thats not hardly enough room for an embellishment, much less anything more. Though, hard to see...I did wrap sheer ribbon around each page and tied a knot with a little pin in it. And then added some flowers (second best thing to BlingBling).
So today...I ask you. Are you being inspired? Is there something that YOU are passionate about and letting everyone else know how passionate you are? And of course following that question, you need to answer is it something that God would be as equally as passionate about?

Now mind you...I dont think God is sitting up there in heavin saying to Himself, "Man, that Becky girl sure knows how to put those scissors to work--I would love to know how she does that"! But I do think that He looks down proudly for the kindness and happiness that each one of my cards blesses another with. I have to be careful not to spend too much time at my craft table so that other parts of my life arent neglected (easier said than done) because then, this blessing becomes a problem. So I ask again...where do your passions lie? Are they in balance? Do you have enough time for YOU (the most precious temple of all)? How bout your friends and family?


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