Jan 8, 2008

header? nosedive? belly flop?

Hi friends. Well as most of you have probably figured out, I am playing with my blog again today. I have all but locked myself out of it several times. So if the whole thing crashes, you will know that I am an idiot and pushed the wrong button. I will be back. I promise.

You see...its like this. I WANT BLING! I cant seem to find anyone that knows how willing to help me. So I bought myself a book yesterday and am muttling through it myself. All great - fine & dandy but what happens when you read the info over and over and over and you STILL dont know how to do what you want to do? Trial and error my friend. I am the queen of it. Yes, I am the queen of UNDO. My mouse hovers there constantly. So if you see my header come and go. Pay no attention.

Speaking of headers though -- I think its time that I introduce Chelsey to you. She is the one who made my base header. Isnt it perdy?? She is starting up her own business of watermarks and headers and all sorts of blog ware. Go check her out. See what ya think. She is great to work with and sooo easy to get along with. Trust me...if someone can work with ME, they can work with anyone. OK...so in case you didnt get that link here----> it is <-------again.

Have a blessed day people! Go...add some bling to your life.---b

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