Jan 6, 2008

Im so excited!

I am so thrilled with the number of comments emails that I got pertaining to yesterdays post (yes, including all the ones from all of you who are too chicken to leave a comment ON here), it was fascinating and inspiring to me to hear how many of you were inspired to not only jump on the SKETCH band wagon but also to dive deeper into your scrap stashes. I feel like I have been hoisted up to the top of the world. Now its your turn to be lifted up here too... Because its each one of YOU that inpsire me! Thank you for making a trip here to visit me.

Its Sunday. SUPPOSED to be a day of church. But since I was a dumb dumb last night and decided that my big ole self was capable of skipping down to the mailbox and back with Hannah....I pulled a major calf muscle I have been left all but crippled this morning. I can hobble around...but I am slow and one slight wrong move and my toe touches the button that triggers my voice to yelp out in pain. Dang! How can something so simple hurt SO bad? Course it doesnt need to be explained that I am a pantywaste when it comes to pain. The woman who waxes my eyebrows wonders how on earth I could possibly have two children when each rip of the tape makes me squeal. I guess the real response is MEDICATION! *LOL*

So anyways. I am scrapping today. Yes, you DID hear that right. I am dragging out the photos and gonna slap em on some paper. Lord I hope I can do it...its been SOOOOOOO long! But for now I leave you with a couple more cards...I just LOOOOVE this paper.

Woohooo! I am having a good time using some of the stamps that I dont think about using. I am trying to mix em all up and use my favorites mixed in with my not so favorite so I am not left in November trying to stamp with difficult things. I think Id sure give up on my goal all together if I did that.

Have a great Sunday!! Thanks again for stopping by. --b