Jan 2, 2008

Baby its cold outside!

I have been playing with my photos. I finally hooked up my scanner. OK...so this first card was scanned in. Good color and straight to the point. The second one was of course taken as a picture with my camera. Which do you think? Personality and photos or straight to the point with the just the card? UGH! Its enough to drive ya to drink. OK...maybe not THAT bad, but it sure is frustrating to look at everyone elses pictures and they are so perfect and mine come out looking all goofy. ~sigh~ Oh well...I shall preservere!

Anyways. We got SNOW! Its only a dusting...but its actual honest to goodness snow! And our high is only sposed to be like 18 degrees today so its gonna stay too! Of course this means that there are 50 bagillion idiots out there on the roads....but oh well. At least I dont have to go to the grocery store, and yes--I did receive that imaginary memo that states when there is a flury in the air you are to report directly to the grocery store to purchase milk, bread and toilet paper. It doesnt matter if you need these things or not, you must go NOW and purchase them. I know...you all have gotten those too. Anyways, I ignored the temptation to follow through on that this time.

OK...heres a stamp from my stash. After I got her out and used her I kinda like her. I dont know why I havent used her more. She says DONT MIND ME...IM JUST THE QUEEN! I love her all the way down to her pink high-top sneakers! Anyways...this was also using the my l'il lady (my sewing machine)....I went crazy with the stitches. You can see that I also had a 6 year old breathing down my neck as I did it too---notice how some of those lines are a little wavy? Afterall...you know that I couldnt possibly sew that crooked on my own right. *wink-wink* I colored with markers and then stickled her crown and sneakers. And since I had the pink thread out I went ahead and sewed the buttons on too.

This is a fun stamp I got from a fellow shackie a few weeks ago. I love to color and it looked like a good coloring stamp. The HI is handwritten. Hmmm...what do you think?
So today we are off to the big city to see ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS. I am sure that we will be one of thousands at the theatre but it will be fun. The girls are sooo looking forward to it!
Have a fantastic day today! STAY WARM --B


Mary said...

Love the cards! Especially the cat and mouse- I've got a houseful of cats and live on the 'puter :)

Enjoy the snow.

Robin said...

Love the queen stamp!