Jan 4, 2008

Im back! Im back!

I couldnt get online yesterday at all until way late. I dont know what was up with my internet connection but it just wouldnt let me on.

Oh well...I did manage to get a FEW things accomplished.

This is once again pulling from my stamp stash. I picked out the paper I was going to use before I picked the stamp. And even though Anne Estelle is not in her traditional colored sailor suit I kind of like her!! I just LOOOOVE these colors together. I mean cant you tell...My BLOG colors are this color too. I did several other cards last night too, but my scanner is being finicky this morning so I will just leave you with this one.

Many of you have emailed me and asked me to post pictures of our house. Especially after we have done the renovations. I dont have all of the rooms finished yet so I wont post those. But here is a run down of what we have done so far.

This is the home that I fell absolutely madly in love with almost 2 years ago. Its hard to tell but the colors are a tan with brown shutters. A traditional shingle roof. The deck is all natural wood.

And here she is now. (Yes I am taking down the Christmas decorations today.) I should have gotten a better picture of my red door. Its beautiful! Might have to go do that later on. We had vinyl siding put on and put a metal roof on. While they were here we had them block in our garage door and put a french door in. That is now the Great room.

This is the turn around circle with a big ole space in the middle of it. Eventually we want to pave the circle so that the girls can ride their bikes.

This is now the center of the circle. This is Ronnie's trap shed that the Menanites built for us. Is it not gorgeous!

The sign is a sign that Ronnie's parents gave us a long time ago. It was brown and black but I painted it to match the house. Ronnie built the stand for it (doesnt it look great?).

The mailbox was also just the plain boring wood stand with a black mailbox. I (thanking God for primer) painted it all white and then added the little decorative loopy thing in the corner. I hate that I had to mess it all up with the county's blue sign...but hey--I guess the whole point of having a mailbox is to GET mail...so I will suffer.

Thats all I am going to show you today. I promise I will share more soon. Go and have a blessed day! Create something!-b


Bethel of Bethania said...

My Becky Your home looks lovely and so grand ... it takes a lot of work to get it how you want it doesn't it? We have been in our 'smaller' home now for five years and sadly there are still a few things to be done but I have my Gyrlie Shed that I'm most grateful for ... OOroo from the Land Down Under ... Bethel

Robin said...

Your home looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing!