Jan 1, 2008


Can you believe that the New Year is here? I am sooo anxious to get started with my new resolutions and get a fresh start with everything. No great big shabang here last night, as everyone was sound asleep except for me. I watched Dick Clark's special for about 20 minutes...long enough to watch the ball drop and then I clicked off the TV and rolled over to sleep too.

Right now I am busy working on THANK YOU cards. I loooove using my snowmen for this. Its still wintery and in many places still VERY snowy, so I get to stretch their uses out over the whole season. Though I dont live in snow country anymore I do still love my snowmen.

Check out this paper. Is it not neato? Now let me tell you the kicker about it. Its from Dollar General! Ya know...one of those boxes of stationary that has the matching envelopes...all for a dollar? I bought it knowing I could do SOMETHING with it. Ok, so the paper is not top quality and if I were making anything but a card, I probly wouldnt use it...but I just love it for just this reason. And a dollar? Come on---10 envelopes cost more than that!

I have a few resolutions...both paper related and life related. In my paper life --I want to get more scrapbooking done. I havent done it in MONTHS so it will be a challenge to get back into it. I also am starting way early on my Christmas cards. No more crunching!!

And the biggest one of all....I am going to use each one of my stamps at least once!! I have so many that are a part of sets that have never seen the light of day, let alone ink. So I am going to use each one in some way and share them with you! So get ready to see some pretty weird stuff...cause some of my stamps are WIERD!! I think it will be fun to break out of my shell though. I am anxious to get busy!!

And onto a personal note. I of course want to deepen my relationship with God. I am re-reading the Bible, only this time picking it apart....trying to decipher parts that I never picked up on before. Really trying to absorb all aspects of it. Praise God I am surrounded by friends and family who are knowledgeable and can answer my every rediculous question (there are PLENTY). I am also hoping to get healthier. I am overweight. I am miserable. Now I put my goal over there on the side. I know...it looks like a lot of pounds. But I know I can do it. After all...God's in control of my life and with Him I can do ANYTHING!
So now...what are YOUR plans for the new year? Relax? Not stress? Be more organized? Play more? Whatever your desires are...take one day at a time. Remember that this day was made especially for YOU.

This is Hannah's AMERICAN GIRL bathtub that she got for Christmas. Twinkle has been trying it out and has voted that she is pleased with the product. She is such a good sport!!



Anonymous said...

This is too cute. I wish I could have a dog or cat. Jeff is allergic to cats and Kaylee and I can't have anything w/hair/fur because of our asthma. You live a lucky good life!! Hootie

Rick said...

Happy New Year to you all. Thanks for being a returning friend.


Robin said...

What a great picture of your family. Good luck with all your goals, I see you've already started on the Christmas cards - good for you. I'm with you on the weight thing. I've got to get myself on track, too.

Anonymous said...

HNY to you too Becky! Wishing you lots of luck with your resolutions. I share some of them with you! I have challenged myself to do two layouts a week. I haven't scrapped for myself since April. I actually got 4 done yesterday. Yipee! Yahoo.

Mary said...

The kitten is adorable. Happy New Year to you. glad to see you are already on your way to meeting some goals. I think I'll borrow your idea and track my cards and pages.