May 29, 2016

Some People Come In & Out of Your Life

It has been a tough week or so.  I have said good bye to dear people.  

One in particular taught me to look within for my self worth.  This person taught me how to laugh again after I was pretty sure I had forgotten.  They taught me to smile and to look at myself with kinder eyes.  They taught me to be true to myself and keep my chin up no matter what was thrown at me.  I will be forever grateful for all of that.  

Having said all of that, I no longer will take people just for their word.  Not that I need gifts (however if you would like to send me flowers or chocolates they will not be turned away ☺) but I need to see actions.  If you are a go getter, let me see it.  Have you changed?  Prove it.  Wanta be in my life?  Show me.

Things have been crazy busy for me.  No, no real news in the idea of my divorce, but I guess it will happen when it is supposed to.  I hope and pray it is in my lifetime (yes that would be lovely).  

I have been getting inky again.  Ahhh yes, my true passion.

I have also been writing more in my book.  I have befriended the awesome Regan Black --such an amazing writer.  Anyways she does these AMAZING Periscopes every morning talking about different tips and how to get past writer's block and all that.  It has been amazing.  I think I am around 11,000 words.  I am sure that about 6,000 of those will be deleted but hey--I like the big numbers right now.  :)  I am so excited to be writing.  I had no idea that this story was hidden within me.  It has truly been a lot of fun to live out.

....She waited for him to call.  She waited for some sign that he was just as upset as she was. However, deep in her gut, she knew that the phone was not going to ring.  She realized that this truly was the end and that she needed to pick up the pieces of her heart and move on.  

She was not so much upset that she was left alone, but rather that she had invested so heavily in the dream.  She had believed so intensely that they could prove to the world that their love was stronger than the statistics; the ones that had told them that they were fighting a losing battle.  She felt a fool for believing they could rise above the odds.  After all, who did she think she was? She was no princess and her life was certainly no fairy tale....


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