Jul 10, 2014

Kickin Cancer's A$$

This is in honor of the many friends and family that have lost their battle to cancer.  Also to those that have kicked it's arse!  Isnt this bear adorable??  I love that I can make him pink or red or even yellow for a soldier.

Things have been crazy here.  I know it seems like all I do is play with chickens, and honestly, some days I think that IS all I do.  :)  So my polish chickens are now gone.  THANK YOU to the kind man from down the street that not only educated me a lot, but also came and got them and gave them a new home.  They were just mean little birds.  They were beating up my turkey and just were not fun to be around.  So they are gone!  My turkey has now decided that she is a chicken.  She runs with my girls and roosts with them at night.  Ha!  I guess as long as they all get along, who cares right?  The birds that I thought were silkies are actually a cochin mix.  Thats ok.  They are happy and although kind of stuck up and snooty to the other girls, are sweet and nice looking ladies.  They all free range now.  I have been adding chicken wire to the bottom of my fence.  Just to deter them from having parties on my mama's patio furniture.  Yes, I know they can fly.  But it has helped a little.  Of course, now they just walk around the fence.  I guess the inevitable will be that I have to wire the entire lot.  ~sigh~  It is so funny because the ducks came to the wire, decided they couldnt get through and just went back to the yard.  The chickens KNEW there had to be a way around it.  LOL  So the answer to the age old question of why did the chicken cross the road?  Because THEY COULD!!

Getting ready for school.  It is so hard in the summer to juggle everything.  The kids are off for break but that means I am trying to plan and play with them at the same time.  Im not so disciplined so then I find myself panicking as the time gets closer.

I wish I had the magic to just get up and do a little every day.  My life would be so much simpler.  However.  When I plan, I get sooooo into it that nothing else gets done that day.  Much like crafting.  So I work hard to get my chores done and to DO what I NEED to do...then before I know it.  The day is over and it is time to cook dinner.  Then clean up and spend a little time with my darling and well, then it is bed time.  I wish I had time management skills.  Do you?  Have you mastered this?


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