Jun 12, 2009

Im so excited!

Every once in awhile I do a project that absolutely rocks my world! This is a present for my Mom in-law for her recent 28th Birthday! ☺

Its a prayer book.

And I got to use my new stamp set that my darling friend so richly blessed me with (THANK YOU ALICIA)---I LOVE IT! The small stamp says: YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, BUT IF YOU DO IT RIGHT, ONCE IS ENOUGH. And then it says MY BOOK OF PRAYER. Mama is a true prayer warrior and she is so diligent about praying for those in need. I have to say, its an honor to know I am a part of her family and know that shes on my side and praying for me constantly.

Each little tab has a folder that can hold notes or whatnots and I also made a clip for each tab.

Theres Prayer List, Praises & Encouragments for her to also list the scriptures or other things shed like to keep note of.
I added a touch of ribbon and a fancy dancy bright red (it writes black) pen to finish it off.
I hope that she will love it!!!



Moose Ridge said...

VERY nice!!

Dunlap TN

Anonymous said...

This is FABULOUS, Becky -- I can see why you are excited!! What a wonderful gift for a faithful woman -- she's going to love it!!!

Anonymous said...

oh Becky....she is gonna love it!!! when is her "28th" b'day??? good job, you are so creative...have a great weekend! patti b.

Micki said...

That is georgeous! Love it Becky!

TN Granny said...

Becky that is just beautiful, leave it to you to come up with such aa neat idea. I love the colors and the stamp set.

Ginny said...

I bet she will, it's GORGEOUS!!

Anonymous said...

If yoru MIl is noly going to be 28 on her birthday that makes me.. OH.. Say14 years older than ehr!

Becky R U really only 12 yrs old?
Happy Book making!!
I think it's beautiful.,
Love everything about it.
Colors.. papers..tabs ribbon.. It's a lovely Prayer book!
A most wonderful heartfelt gift.
I am sure she will treasure it..
I feel old now..

arbonne.lady said...

It's beautiful and useful! She'll love it.

Alicia :) said...

I love how this turned out! It is absolutely beautiful! I'm sure she loved it. :)