May 4, 2009

Updated on the Tweenie cat.

"Yes....can I help you??"

Thanks Allison for reminding me that I needed to update the pic of the kitten, since shes not really much of a kitten anymore. Punkin AKA Boo-Bit has been fixed and therefor is loosing many of her kitten characteristics. No, not all....she still chases bugs, or rather any small object that appears to be flying across the floor (yes, even lazer beams). With her age tho--means shes not QUITE the frady cat that she used to be.


Moose Ridge said...

what a pretty girl -- thank you for updating her glamour shot!! And congratulations on dream team status!!! I'm proud of you and looking forward to the art...

Dunlap TN

Heather Peterson said...

Did she get that look from me???Lol. Hi guys! If any of you like you should read my book. Just ask my mom(Becky) to post a chapter or on here

Heather Peterson said...

Sorry just ask her to put on or two chapters here on her blog.