May 6, 2009

Beautiful as a Rose

SAD is kicking my tail again. Geesh---I cant hardly stand the rain much longer. It seriously has rained buckets since last Friday and my mood has sent me barrelling to the back of the closet, mumbling sweet nothings to myself and dreaming of a land of sunshine and lollipops.

If you have talked to me on the phone at all this week, I am sure that you have heard me go on and on and on about my precious rose bush that has just completely taken on a whole new life this season. One day I had counted 21 new blooms. Now, of course that it has rained for a solid week, many of the petals are on the ground and it is doing all that it can to stand up tall. But this is just one of the many proofs of God's handiwork. I cant take credit for its beauty. Now, if it were laying there lifeless--I CAN take credit for that. Afterall, I have the uncanny ability to kill a silk plant. But its beauty had NOTHING to do with me.

Another one of God's masterpieces is my darling daughter. This past Monday was her annual band concert. They sounded absolutely fantastic and as usual it was an honor to witness the musical talent of her school. But she too---is created through God. I cant take credit for her beauty. No, it is one thing I just get to sit back and enjoy. THANK YOU JESUS



TN Granny said...

Your roses are beautiful and Heather is even more precious. Love you Kiddo hope the rain stops soon.

Kip and Nicole Tonks said...

Your roses are very pretty. I love the photo of your daughter. You played the flute in band, didn't you? Mr. Turner was an awesome teacher.

You and I need to switch towns. I get cranky because the sun shines for too many days and there is no humidity! I thrive in the rain and on cloudy days.

Take care of yourself and have a fabulous Thursday!

Anonymous said...

the most beautiful rose in that picture is Heather! boy she's growing up fast....she looks beautiful....hang in there....maybe you can re;ocate to the land of sunshine!!!! patti b.

Micki said...

Wow that is a georgous rose bush...hey, I thought I was the only one that could kill silk plants, lol. Your daughter is beautiful.


Moose Ridge said...

she looks SOO grown up in that picture!!


Anonymous said...

Fab!! Roses, you can take credit for helping them grow tall and strong.
You have a wonderful daughter with beautiful hair!!
Enjoy the flowers and the flower blossom~ Heather, one more blosson in your lil family!