Mar 10, 2009

Spring---oh Spring! Where are YOU?

Just a simple card that says: Wishing you all the wonderful gifts of spring.

I wish there was a way to enclose a flower inside a card and keep it looking radiant. My yard has dafodils and tulips popping up EVERYWHERE. I loooove to stroll through and see them. Espcially since I wasnt the planter of these beautiful things. Last year we did a bunch of cleaning up of the flower beds and moved a lot of leaves. Well I guess that was all that some of these little babies needed cause they are making me look like I ACTUALLY have a green thumb. Which, trust me...I dont---I think I could find a way to kill a silk plant if I really tried. They line my flower beds beautifully. Nothing says GOD like a flower. No MAN could ever create such beauty. I can guarentee that.


Sandy said...

Very Spring looking and are popping up! I can't a wait for the trees to start budding!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the look of spring on your cards, Becky! Too, too cute. You know, you can't send a flower in a card, but you could send flower seeds -- just a thought. :-)