Mar 11, 2009

I think we found it!!

A few weeks ago I got to visit my darling friend in her home and she gave me free reign in her stamp room!!! Lets just say---this chick is AMAZINGLY talented, but whew! She was a brave one for entering her room with the intent to create.

THIS, is her WORK space. Yes, that little 2x2 space is where he mojo flows.

Now mind you in the middle of the room there is hardly room for another person to stand, let alone for someone whom has just finished surgery and has a tough time getting around.

She has tooooons of GREAT GREAT toys but with all of it stacked high it was really hard to even KNOW what she had, let alone use it.

She has an incredible fetish for Iris Carts and loooves to use them. I love them too...but they seemed to be taking up lots of SPACE.

Then she had this MONGO computer chest in there. A great piece of furniture, but it sooo didnt work in this little room.

Loook!!!! She DOES have a space there for two people to work! Just gotta get IN there!

And here we are after!!!! I made curtains for the window that matched her walls.

We moved the big computer chest out and eventually she will get a smaller monitor for her computer. For now it is simple to use at her second work station. Just slide the keyboard out of the way--and whala, perfect place for friends (aka ME) to play too!

She kept her darling Iris Carts too. We havent had a chance to go through each and every embellishment drawer, but she is happy to have some things the same.

This was the book case that was in front of work station 2, now it is easy to get to!!
Up top of the cabinets are more of these little canvas bins that we put extra stuff that she wants to alter and wants to keep, but doesnt necessarily need at a finger touch.

And I moved the paper to the dresser. It shares the top with the Big Shot.

I was able to display all of her knicky knacks up high. And I also hung (which now I see are very crooked) magnetic strips up to house her Nestabilities.

Now, not only does she have 2 workspaces, but all of her buttons and baubles and other small embellishments are within an arms reach.

Oh darn! I forgot to take a pic of her ribbon drawer. She has been busting her tail with wrapping ribbon on bobbins. Her drawer looks fabulous!!!

And now, here is a cozy place for the mojo to flow. Look we found THE counter top!!!
Thank you Jeanine for the honor to destroy er I mean reorganize your space. You are the bestest and I cherish everything about you!


Amy is SewBlonde said...

Did you sprinkle GLITTER everywhere to christen it? HA!

terriavidreader (USA - IN) said...

WOW! With all the work and rearranging you did, I think I'd love to invite you to come visit and play here too! Marvelous organization and thanks for the pics! It really does help show it off.

TN Granny said...

I love my Studio I never in a lifetime thought I would get it back like this. Wow now mind you I got rid of alot but nothing I didn't want or need. Ilove it and I love Becky.
Thank you Sweet Lady

debinicol said...

wonderful job on this..and it is really a great place to hide and create now.

Anonymous said...

can you come to my house, pretty please? LOL, looks awesome. U can come and destroy, err I mean reorganize my mess ANYTIME!


Anonymous said...

WOW, Becky! You did GREAT work in there!

Robin said...

Becky - you are a good friend and I know Jeanine is so excited to have her room back.