Mar 6, 2009


Many of you remember me making the CLOCK way back when for my dentist. Well I never delivered it! *gasp* But this week I finally went back for a cleaning and so I boxed it up and took it in!! I also made stuff for my hygentist and the receptionist, cause they are just SOOOO awesome to me. Especially since I HATE the dentist. I mean...really....Id rather go to the "lady" doctor than the dentist---it rates right up there with child birth thru my nose. But they have been so good to me and so understanding. So I wanted to express my gratitude. I loooove gifts that really dont cost much, but show a whole lot of love.

The appointments, I am proud to say all went great! Both the girls and I got clean bills of health! WOOOHOOOOOO! PRAISE GOD! Its been at least 20 years since I could walk out of the office without another appt in a few days to have an extraction or a root canal or a something. If there is one bit of advice that I wish I had heeded, it would be the one about taking care of my teeth.

Anyways....heres the little stuff I made for them.

I told you I was excited about making those note holders. So I made them each one of these. And blinged out a matching pen. I was gonna cover the pens too, but I thought thier colors were cool. And of course this is my favorite stamp set again. This time I just stamped little flowers on the note cards (instead of the monogram). I didnt know if the girls would leave them there at the office or not, so I wanted them to be universal.

I got these little candle tins last year when KMart was going out of business. They are Martha Stewart. They came four to a package and they smell soooooooooo good! This one is the green one and then the other set I made was Yellow and Orange. I loved them cause they were truly just PLAIN tins, I didnt have to cover up or alter them at all. (I like EASY).

At the beginning of the year Hannah was required to have four tennis balls---so that they could put em on the bottom of the chairs to keep the noise level down and also to protect the floors in the class room. The containers were just itching for SOMETHING to be done with them.--I just KNEW I could find SOMETHING to make out of them. And I FINALLY did (before giving up and throwing them away)! They hold one package of Girl Scout's Thin Mints PERFECTLY! I stuffed in one package and some shiney Easter Grass and whala!!!

So how are YOU today my friend?? I hope that you are doing fantastic and have huge plans for the weekend. Us? We are hoping to catch up on a little family bonding. We MIGHT actually make it into the weekend without anyone being sick. *GASP* Imagine that concept! Hannah is still finishing up her antibiotics, but seems that MAYBE, just MAYBE she has kicked the strep thing this time? Maybe??

So Ive been thinking.....maybe its time fer another game of some sorts. What do you all think?? Hmmmm.........{enter "deep in thought" look here}
Well for now--go and be blessed! Enjoy your day!!!!!


Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

This is a cute little set and so springy looking! Great job.
Your blog is so fun and so different, what a change of pace. I like how personal you have the side bar with your books, cat picture hee hee and the dinner menu. How fun, thanks for stopping by my blog, you were very sweet in your comment. :0)

TN Granny said...

Your such a sweetheart to make this stuff it's so darling and GS cookies.

reflections:0) said...

Great stuff... I always find your blog posts so fun and full of info...


Anonymous said...

What wonderful gifts! I bet they loved them. Congrats on your "clean" dentist visit!!

Lord Gaara said...

yays!!!!!Hi mom.....Nothing else to say...Sorry people....I think I'm gonna go wake miss Beckey up now.heh....Hope I'm not oo late!!!