Mar 7, 2009

I love Bunny Season

This set is one I should own. Cause everytime I go to Marilyns house I use the snot out of it. Those rabbits are sooo pretty.

I dont think there is anything earth shattering that I should explain to you about this card. The image pretty much speaks for its self huh? I did pop the butterflies up a bit tho, before I added bling.

Its Saturday!! Dont forget to turn your clocks forward tonight. I HATE this switch. I usually dont have a problem going to bed early, but getting UP earlier kills me! So this just means that I am gonna wanta be in bed by eight and sleep til ten!! ARGH!!! Oh well, this DOES signal us that spring IS on its way!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So soft and pretty, Becky. I love the glittery butterflies. I'm trying to picture "using the snot out of" a stamp set, and groaning at that image, though -- LOL! I agree -- this time change is really tough. Not looking forward to grumpy kids tomorrow morning!