Feb 12, 2009

Twelve Random Things about the Twelveth!

I have been needing to break back into the blogging hemasphere for some time now. With everything that has been happening it just always seems to get bumped down to the bottom of the day's to-dos and before I know--bumped off the day all together.

I am happy to report we are all on the mend!! Having Strep and the Flu at the same time Sux! There has been NOTHING cool about the past week or so. Poor little Hannah FINALLY got in a full day of school today. She has had a cough that would put a 70 year old smoker to shame.

Anyways. For quite some time I have wanted to do this 12 on the 12th thing but always fergot to do it! Or Id remember it on the 13th. *LOL* Not quite as effective then. So what ya do--is ya pick 12 random things from your day and post about them. They can be good things or bad things or whatever.

So anyways. For me...my morning started out with reading.

And of course I cant help but stare at these gorgeous tulips I got the other day. Tulips are my ALL TIME FAVORITE flower. I soooo love this time of year because its almost time for them.

I got to go out on a wonderful lunch date with my darling husband. Sorry--no pics of this. First he doesnt like when I take his picture and flash it all over the world and second, I totally forgot! We went to this little Itallian place for lunch. It was soooooooooooooo good. And it was just he and I--that was the bestest part.

Then the girls came home and I got to see all of the Valentine Loot that Hannah got today at her class party. She was soooo worried that she was going to be sick right through the celebrations but she made it!! They find such joy in those little cards.

Next, I got to say good bye to the big ole tree that fell in our yard yesterday from the storms. This picture sooo does not do it justice. The tree if freakin huge!! I have to post a praise report to go here tho. See our house? See our other rather large trees? See how God nicely laid this big ole mongo branch down, so that it didnt hurt the house and it didnt hurt the other trees?? Its inches from windows. It hit the house and I guess bounced off. Not even a dent in the roof. AMAZING!

My afternoon ritual as of late has been my cup of hotchocolate with just a dash of Godiva Chocolate. I DONT drink enough to call myself a drinker...ok I cant even call myself a KIND of drinker. I am a wuss. I have wine coolers that are aging in my fridge and I have no doubt that one of those would surely put me under the table. But I have grown accustomed to my little brew every afternoon. Its amazingly chocolatey!

This past week I am having the hardest time sleeping. Anyone who KNOWS me knows that this is VERY unusual for me. Usually I can sleep on a dime anywhere at any time. But lately I have done a LOT of ceiling staring. When I get tired I generally make some really dumb choices. One of the first logics to go is usually food. OK...so I had a fabulous lunch meal full of carbs and what did I decide on for dinner? How bout some fresh baked biscuits, some link sausage and some scrambled eggs--yes, with cheese. NOT very diet friendly, but ohhhhh on the top of the list for comfort! No, my photography skills are nothing to be compared to IHop but, trust me...the taste was way on up there!

There are many things in my day that I cant / wont take a pic of for you. Like my laundry that seems to grow in the dark. I wonder---if I leave the light on in the Utility Room will that make it stop?? Theres my wonderful kids running around playing together. Yes, I COULD take a pic of them, but they generally freak out if I start coming at them with the camera and that changes the whole atmosphere of their giggles. And then there is YOU my bloggy friends. Those of you who have stuck by me in my chaotic life and still love me! Thats only 10--but oh well!
How bout you? Can you do the 12 thing too?



lisa808 said...

That fallen tree sure looks scary. So glad it wasn't more serious. Butterscotch schnapps is also good in hot chocolate!

debinicol said...

forget that huge tree...what detergent do you use that makes your laundry GLOW in the dark??