Feb 25, 2009

I have a new love...DRAGONS!

I am completely in love with dragons right now. Not the ugly kind...but the cute kind like this one. When my dear friend Debi sent me this image I HAD to find out where she got it and get one for myself. Its a coloring book image from on line! Is that not the COOLEST? And she was such a doll and found me the link so now I have him for my very own!! And I am SURE that I will WEAR HIM OUT!

He says: Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup!

Thank you for all of the many suggestions that you sent me for English recipes. I went with FAIRY CAKES and PRINCESS COOKIES. My fairy cakes didnt puff up like they were supposed to so I couldnt assemble them as they should have been, but I thought they were really good and a recipe I will make again for sure. They LOOK like a cupcake, but they are very tart lemon and are a little more dense than the normal American cupcake.

The Princess Cookies ALSO were assembled a little bit differently than they were sposed to be. But they were delicious. The Princess cakes were a orange flavor. Resembling the texture of a wedding cookie. They were really really good.

Our trip TO this Girl Scout thing turned out to be more eventful than I would have cared for...but now that I look back the morning really WAS funny. Of course, I am the worlds BIGGEST procrastinator, so I save my baking for the morning of the shindig. I was running around trying to get kids clean and dressed and ready, while trying these recipes for the first time. (THANK GOD! THEY WENT WELL) But the little silver balls that I put on the cakes tipped over and bounced for miles. I am serious! I think I even found some in the driveway! My dog later ate every single one of them and to my surprise didnt land me in the ER that night. Cause they are SOOO not FDA approved. Anyways. So I had my desserts...they were assembled BEAUTIFULLY! They looked great. The girls both looked great. I was dressed and looked nice. We go to the church that I thought was holding the THINKING DAY event. NOPE! Not there! Now mind you---I find this out AFTER I get everyone out of the car...the desserts and all. The wind was ferocious so it blew the plastic right off of one of the trays (caught it before it hit the ground (praise God again!). The church knows NOTHING of this event so I ask to borrow the phone book. (since, like a retard, I did not have anyones phone number) Anyways I called the Girl Scout office. To which the lady (whom I might add, was not real nice) knew NOTHING about our event and talked to me like I was a retard for even THINKING she would know something. ~sigh~ OK...so we drive around Lenoir City for awhile. I had remembered that it was on Church Street, so I called my husband who was at work to tell me where Church Street was. He didnt have a clue. GREEAAAAT! So as a last resort I went to the public library to get on the computer and look up my email that told me EXACTLY where this thing was. I go in...sign in and as I am doing so the mean librarian told me in her gruff voice that I had FIVE MINUTES before they turned off the computers. I said..no problem, I just have to look up an email real fast. OK....so now mind you....this is a 3 minute period of time, this woman told me to get off the computer again two more times. I got the email....and *GASP* I was in the wrong TOWN!!!!!!!!! 20 miles away and the only way to get to the RIGHT town was a 2 lane highway!! OMG! So I storm out of the library (completely forgetting to sign myself out of computer use --- I am sure I will receive a sitation in the mail or something).
By this time we are LATE to the thing (yes, it has been an hour already). So we get back in the car (that smells like a citrus drink from the desserts, that have now been jostled all around and dont look quite as pretty) and fly back to Kingston, where I knew EXACTLY the location. It was sooo frustrating to get there late and I was in near tears. But it went well. We got to try food from other countries, make some crafts and pick up some momentos. It went great---but WHEW! I am glad its in the history books now!
Things are ok today. Hannah is home sick again. ~sigh~ I dont know if we are EVER gonna kick this thing!
Be blessed!


Carolyn Mustopa said...

OMG, I love that dragon! Can you tell me where online you got it?

debinicol said...

Isn't it darling! that marshmallow is a great addition to the picture of her. What's her name? Debi the dragon? I say her, because she is cooking!!! lol

Sandy said...

The card is so cute and the food looks wonderful! Especially the cookies!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it, Becky!! Your coloring is fantastic!