Jan 20, 2009

Tuesday! IT IS!

Sorry gang, about yesterday...by the time I got to post last night, my husband had put a whammie on our internet. Its still not 100% but at least I can get on to post this for you all.

Today's technique is Stamp Coloring. I love this, as it gives you the freedom to stamp without everything. Like this stamp says VIOLETS at the bottom, but I chose not to add it to my image. And then I could also add just a single flower on the inside. I think I am just too lazy. Maybe THATS why I dont do it more? *shrug*

I also used, string, hole punch, colored pencils, decorative metal & glitter.

Hope that you are doing well. We got hit with some freak snow and ice yesterday and today its not doing too well at going away either. But we are all warm and inside!



Monica said...

Yeah! I finally got some today. LoL
I'm almost there!!!!
Cute card Becky and Sorry to hear about your internet!

Karen S said...

I just need 4 more

Linsey said...

Cute card! I love dots!:)

lisa808 said...

Nice card. No words again today.

The Wilson & Williams Families said...


reflections:0) said...

Three more to go but, it looks like we have a Bingo up there...



Anonymous said...

all I can say is "dangit!" That's what I get for picking "jingle bell" WELL AFTER Christmas! LOL!

Congrats Amy!