Jan 17, 2009

Smore for YOU!

So heres some more BINGO words for you!! I gotta admit its getting tricky to USE these things!!!

A darling friend of mine sent me this old calendar because she knows how much I loves me some mice, so today I FINALLY cut it into envelopes!!

Cute huh? So its happy mail before you even get to the MAIL part!!
Then the next one. I was trying to get away from my cutesy style a little bit. It was a humongous stretch for me. Some people can make elegant cards left and right. For me...it takes every ounce of mojo I can muster and then some.

OK...so I used my sewing machine, prima flowers, silk flowers, pearls, long push pin, beads, lace, ribbon....

AND, I added a little charm with two little heart jump rings (thru a hole punched with a hole punch). Arent they sweet!
OK...so its the weekend. Sunday is my day off as you know! See you all on Monday!



Monica said...

Yeah! I finally got a word or 2 that time. LoL
I LOVE that PINK card! It is adorable!!!


Anonymous said...

ooooohhhh! Love the envelope idea! And your pink card is just gorgeous! AND, I got a couple more words! :)

patty w said...

Wow..all gorgeous..and love the envelope!

I'm close, only need a couple of more words but picked a few odd ones! :)

It is way below zero here and brr cold. Enjoy your weekend! We've had a rough week, DH lost his job on Tuesday so we are all in panic mode more or less. It's scary!

lisa808 said...

Didn't get to cross any off today! Enjoy the weekend. 'See you' on Monday.

Sandy said...

Too cute! And the image on the pink card is just Adorable! You did great on the card and it has a really girlie feel to it! Love it!!!

Alicia said...

No words today....but beautiful card! Great idea with the envelopes!

catt871 said...

What a great idea to use old calendars for envelopes!!! TOO CUTE!!!!! I have only 8 things crossed off my Bingo card.....boo hooo!!! LOL

TN Granny said...

I love the cards my love but then you are great at cutiez whats wrong with that!!! Love your designs Bec, keep up the good word and text, I never found the pictures.
Stampin Hugs,

Karen said...

cute card!! only need 3 more now!! :)

Moose Ridge said...

I need to get busy and make envys from all the calendars I've saved... someday!!

I have 8 more to go, LOL!!

Holly said...

I love making envelopes with old calendars too. Sometimes the pictures line up just perfect for the address.
Your card is so wonderful! So many details! Great sewing too!