Jan 6, 2009

Sweet Tooth Challenge!

HAHAHA! Bet you thought I had forgotten to post today didnt you? *GASP* I almost did! What a morning!

Anyways, recently someone hosted a card challenge, by using a CAKE as inspiration. So I thought I would do the same! This is a cake from CHARM CITY CAKES and I just looooved the colors. Doesnt the design resemble Zentangles?

Anyways. In my card I used a printed transparancy over my basic card, wrapped it with ribbon and then stamped and embossed with more gelly powders (coffee this time--yuuuum) and cut out the THANK YOU with Nestabilities. Then down at the bottom, since I didnt have any large brown brads, I dipped silver brads into the same gelly powder and heated it. I also distressed the edges of the card a bit with distressed ink!

How is YOUR day going today? If you are anywhere near us you are surely drowning in rain. My SAD is completely kicking my tail this week as we havent seen sunshine for days. I do my best to keep the house illuminated and all those precautions, but it still doesnt cure the problem. So I mumble along trying to make myself do stuff.
So many more announcements of people being laid off and companies shutting down. It truly breaks my heart. If you are effected by these economic woes --please know I am praying for you.


patty w said...

Beautiful card Becky!

I feel for ya on the SAD. It's ick here today and I'm fighting a migraine :(

I just can't seem to get caught up from the holidays yet! Of course , the crew has only been back to school/work for 2 days!

Thanks for the Bingo game, I actually got a couple!

Deb Neerman said...

LOVE it! Great color combination!

Bingo's fun but I apparently stink at it, LOL!

Moose Ridge said...

LOL -- so far not a single match, but it's fun to play anyway!! I understand about the rain -- I suspect I probably have SAD and just haven't been diagnosed with it -- I need to go buy some BRIGHT lightbulbs and see if that helps!!


Monica said...

Ohh that cake is AWSOME!!! Your card is FAB too!

Karen S said...

WooHoo, got a few more checked off
Karen S

Robin said...

Yes, it does look like zentangles. I probably have the SAD thing, too, cause I get really depressed with all the rainy weather here. Usually February is worse for me than Jan. Love the card!

PinkCakeBox said...

Wow - great job!

We are so used to having to fashion our cakes based on existing invitations so it's great to see an invitation inspired by a cake.