Jan 5, 2009


Today is the day...most of our little kidlets return back to their schools and us mom's regain some sense of normalcy (yeah, ok...well it SOUNDED good right?)!!

Dont you just LOOOOVE this Bella? I know...I have said that before. But I am STILL in love with her. Ok, not IN love with her -- cause that is just not right. But I do so think shes da bomb! This little snowflake ornament that I used is one that I found at the dollar store! Its plastic, but is soft and bendy, so it shouldnt have a problem going through the mail box. It came all wrapped in the glittery fiber stuff, so I cant claim THAT as an item used. Well, I could, but not fairly. I once again, used glitter on her cuffs. Then I punched her out with the circle punch & then used decorative scissors on the wavey part. Sooo much fun!

For those of you playing BINGO, I will do my bestest to highlight the words in red. Of course if I miss one er two or three or four...just let me know! Good Luck!



Danni said...

Love the big snowflake under snowbunnybella! Way cute card!

Monica said...

YEAH HAPPY MONDAY!! My DD started back today too. Still got 2 at home though....LoL
CUTE BElla Card!
BINGO has begun!!! WOOHOOO

I have a Q though... When you said stamp coloring is that coloring on the stamp or coloring the image after it's stamped??? Also if you do it on your card and dont type it does it still count? Just curious...Thanks so much!


Becky in East Tennessee said...

Monica -- Good Questions. The stamp coloring is actually coloring on the stamps. And if I miss listing something then just let me know and I will be sure to list it. I need to have highlited each of the items, but like I said, if I forgot something--let me know and I will fix it!!!

reflections:0) said...

Oh she is cute... I do not own and Bellas but, have had a few RAKed to me before and the are so dang fun to play with...:0) How did you color her?


catt871 said...

She is soooo pretty!! LOVE all the glitter!!!

chelemom said...

Love how you placed the image on the frosty snowflake!!! Cute!

Sandy said...

She is really cute and I do like the ornament you used with her. Great idea!

TN Granny said...

Well since I know you love Bella's I think you got a deal on the snowflakes and did a wonderful job on the card.

Stampin Hugs,

Robin said...

Well, now I HAVE to have this Bella. Absolutely LOVE your card!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh! I just got this one in the mail -- lucky, lucky me! It's even more beautiful in person. Love all the texture. Thank you SO much, Becky, for the fabulous card!