Jan 8, 2009

Mojo went haywire with textures today

I gotta admit I am just NOT in the crafting mood. I have been tending to the house today, but I KNEW I needed to post something for you all. And this is as much as I can muster. AND to top that all off....my camera decides to have some fantastic lighting issues today. I apologize, but today-- My give-a-darn is busted!

So anyways. I used: Crayon resist, I then went over the picture with a brayer, and added a picture hangar, fibers, a feather, a paperclip and a twist tie!! Love ya all so much! Its almost TGIF!



Moose Ridge said...

and a payday Friday too! maybe hit the studio tomorrow... this having to work 5 days in a row is a bummer!!


Anonymous said...

Wow -- for somebody NOT in a crafty mood, you sure did come up with something really neat!!!

Sandy said...

Wow! from me too! so many textures and neat patterns! You have been on such a roll. Can I borrow your MOJO?

TN Granny said...

And you wondered what you would do with this stamp, I had no doubt you would come up with something special.

Love ya,