Jan 10, 2009

Its still raining...and I have become a puddle

I think I might move to the tropics! At least there its SUNNY! Even in the west, though it snows a bagillion feet every year it still is SUNNY every once in awhile.
Anyways. These are the Valentines that I am working on for Hannah's class. CUTE EH?

So, today you can cross off: Ribbon, Shaped Punches, Candy, Nestabilities, Glitter Pens & Staples.
I hope you are doing well. I have to say that I havent been too inventive these last couple of days. I hope my mojo returns. Happy day friends!



TN Granny said...

Oh this is so sweet for Hannah to take to her friends your such a wonderful Mom the absolute best.

Cute stuff Becky keep up the good work.

Robin said...

Hey, I want one of these!!! So cute and a great idea. Hang in there - the sun will return! Thanks for sharing your ideas, I love reading them.

Holly said...

oh this is a really darling way to package a little treat! Love it!