Jan 30, 2009

Its Friday, Its Friday, Im so glad its Friday!

ITS FRIDAY! Isnt everyone else as excited as I am?? My inlaws are coming to visit this weekend, so I am excited for that too. I miss having them close by.

No real spectacular news to share with you today. I am sitting here real close to my little space heater. As our gas is out for the day. We ran out of fuel yesterday *gasp*--I didnt know this til it was late in the day. Since our fuel comes from Crossville, which is like an hour away--they couldnt get to us til today. They came, but now I have another guy coming to clean the units and get them running properly as they have had a slight propane smell....sooooo---but by tonight we will be all cozy again! And yes, I could take my lazy self in there and build a fire in the fireplace but well...now why would I want to do something logical like that??

I hope you have big plans for the weekend! ((HUGS))



Danni said...

Super cute! Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Your card is adorable, Becky! I love all the bling. I hope that you get your fuel soon and can settle in for a comfy weekend with your family.

Sandy said...

This is really cute and I love the bling in her hair - great touch! Hope you are warm and cozy soon!

Anonymous said...

I love the card! She's so cute!! I've she had red hair, that would be my card!