Dec 27, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone!

I sooo hope that your Christmas was as fantastic as mine was. Omigosh! We got the Wii (THANKS MOM!!) and ever since Christmas morning we have been wearing our hineys out. It was sooo funny, this morning when I said Good Morning to Heather and asked how she was, she had only one reply. "OW" We are all sore. We are all addicted and we all love it.

Aside from our gifts, we had a fantastic time with all of the family here last week. We enjoyed all of them, all of the celebrating and just the overwhelming sense of peace amoungst us. We are sooo blessed.

Cyris had his normal after lunch pose. Awww nothing like some ham...

Ronnie has had the week off and it has been so awesome with him home. We truly have enjoyed the time that we could spend just the 4 of us. God is sooooo good.

I havent had a chance to hardly even sit at my desk, let alone get my fingers inky. But I am sooo looking forward to that soon. I did, however, have a chance to make a bear.

It is with great honor that I introduce to you:


She is made from 100% Raccoon Fur. Shes about 14 inches tall!

Have a blessed Saturday. Remember the little gifts arent the ones you can buy at the store. They are merely passed between friends and family. Show someone how much you love them. Smile and tell them!



Lori Stilger said...

You know how I feel about fur, but she's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

Garra panda said...

Ok.....I guess it's cool.