Dec 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Exactly 7 years ago today this is the site I was looking at.

My baby girl who was born a month early was grasping for every breath she took. Her lungs were under developed and the hospital that we were at was not equipped to handle such things. They blew both of her lungs while trying to ventilate her with a machine that was too hard for her little system. It was the most traumatic experience of my life. She was later airlifted to another hospital, 3 hours away in North Carolina and her road to recovery finally took hold. I was able to hold her for the first time on day 14 of her life and we didnt take her home for 5 days after that. Even then she went home with an IV. The following years were chaotic as she stayed on cough medications non stop and underwent sinus surgery.

But I am proud to say...that my bouncing baby girl is exactly that! Hannah is turning 7 today and she has the most tanasity I have ever seen in a human being. She has a strong will and strongly believes that if you want something, there is absolutely no reason why you cant have it. After all, she wanted to live and got that gift, what could be tougher than that fight?

She is now 100% medicine free and lives her life healthy and full of energy. I promise, if you meet her--you will never ever forget her!

To celebrate her Birthday we went out to eat for Mexican (her favorite) and then went off to Build A Bear (along with 5 gozillion other people) to spend her gift cards. And then we went to see Marley & Me (again, 5 gozillion more people). Today she will wake up to cake for breakfast and then a nice day with her family.

Happy Birthday baby girl. May this be one of many fabulous days and years ahead of you!



debinicol said...

They grow so fast...praise God, she got the opportunity. I once found a birthday card that one would send to the mother and gave it to mine when I was about 25. She actually cried. I love this dandelion in her hair. What a blessing

TN Granny said...

Hannah Banana is such a cutie and so full of energy she could keep us all going for a lifetime. I met this charming delightful handful of laughter and will never forget her. She's adorable.

Garra panda said...

You'll never forget her that's for sure....Her voice stays in my head ALL day...