Oct 9, 2008

Isnt this fun!?!

I got the idea from TAKE TEN. Only the artist in there used accordian folds instead. After destroying 3 peices of paper I gave up on the folding and just cut strips. Then the images are just slid down into the slots. SOOOOO fun!

What great things are you up to today? My blessed in-laws are coming to help me in the yard today. I have weeds taller than trees out there. Ha! You think I am kidding...really I am not! I tried to bend one over the other day and the stalk on it was sooooo thick that it wouldnt even break.

Look there in the weeds though...a beautiful rose has made its way up. It has received no tender care, no extra watering and no pruning...but yet God's love has brought it up out of the weeds. The rain kind of beat it down a bit yesterday...but look...how gorgeous!



Anonymous said...

That is alot of eyelets lady jane, but the card is cute.

Yellow roses are my very favorite and what a way to view a rose but in God's garden.
love ya,


Unknown said...

What a cute idea! I have to file that idea away for later use!