Aug 8, 2008


Arent these kind of photos a blast? We had this taken last weekend while at the Chattanooga ChooChoo. Ha! Nothing like a big ole slicker to bring out your curves (or, in my case the lack thereof). Me and my big ole bad self left a perminent impression of the MOM look for everyone to see, even long after I am gone!

No pic of a card to post today. Quite honestly I am way way way behind on my making. But I hope to catch up some today.
Our shoe search went fabulously yesterday! Heather got some really nice ones...ha! We both got our wishes as she got black and they still look like GIRL shoes! Hannah got just white ones with lots of glitter and charms on them. So wooohooo! It was a hunt that brought back good trophies! And the best part?---we got them at the very first place we went to!!!

Have a blessed day! Its FRIDAY!! Our very last free Friday before school. ~sigh~ What ever will I do with myself?


Moose Ridge said...

can't believe you were this close and didn't call me!! Did you go to LLL (stamp store) next door to the photo shop??


Heather Peterson said...

Uh. Ok. Anyway I'm half way happy 'n half way sad, but I'll do anything to see my trivia team again! Belive It!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL. I love it! Great pic!

My siblings and I got our pics done in this "old west" style back when we were younger, so my Dad still has it displayed at his house. :P


Patty Williams said...

Love these types of photo's. Y'all are good lookin' !

Heather Peterson said...

I like holding guns.^-^