Aug 7, 2008

Today...our mission is shoes

Funny that my sole purpose today amounts to buying Tennis Shoes for the girls. But as most of you parents know this is a feat all within itself. I have the 6 year old who loves fluffy. The more lights, bells and whistles that her shoes have...the happier she is. Then there is the 12 year old who is mortified at the slightest touch of pink, would fall over dead if there was even a petal from a flower on it and would pretty much just be happy as a clam if I sent her on her merry way to the boys department.
Okay. So whats the big deal right? Get Hannah fluffy and Heather black...and go about your day you might say. But the thing is "I" am more picky than that. I am not real fond of charcters and fluff all over the shoes. I also know that later on in about a month, Hannah will want to wear RED and will flip out because her shoes are pink and they dont match!! Then I have the unbelievably gorgeous and beautiful little 12 year old that even though she COULD use some uglying up, I DO want to keep her looking like a little GIRL. I promise not to make her wear pink or sneak a flower in there....but cmon, cant she atleast get something DECENT??? ~sigh~
Were off!


mornin'lady said...

The card is cute! I just love that itty bitty spatula :)
Good Luck on the shoe shopping!

Patty Williams said...

Great card! It could be used so many ways.