Aug 30, 2008

Love...just remember LOVE.

R was diagnosed yesterday with walking pneumonia and bronchitus. In other words...he IS sick. The doc gave him some pretty good meds and I think he is on the mend. Praise God that no one else has gotten sick. We are all resting as much as possible and being calm. And me, I am still armed with my disinfectant.

Hope that every one has a safe weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hugs and prayers for speedy recovery!! Being sick is never fun, but for some reason in SUMMER, it just seems worse! Love the card. Rest rest rest (need to take some of my own advice, lol).


PS: who designed your blog - love it!

mornin'lady said...

The card is nice, I have a soon to be daughter-in-law who is 1/4 Japanese I think she would really like your Asian themed cards.

So sorry about that nasty bug that's come to visit, Hope you are able to shake it real quick,and I do like your new blog look too!

Robin said...

Hang in there. Sorry to hear that hubby is really sick. Love the new look on the blog - so cool!

Heather Peterson said...

I love the card mom!!!!It's totally coolieo!I'm gonna let my buds see it too.They'll give you credit knowing them.


The Japaneese loving trivia team!!!