Aug 31, 2008

Fish on your hitch!

How many times have you stopped to ponder the 2 questions. 1) You might be a redneck if..... and 2) How do you recognize your car in a parking lot full of other vehicles? And then were able to apply them to your own vehicle?

The first question of course just comes to mind because it seems logical. The second question is one that Heather had in class this week. I can only imagine the thoughts of "huh?" that passed through her teacher's mind, when Heather replied---


Yes folks, daVan is sporting a bass fish on its hitch!! And the cool part...when you hit the brakes, he flaps back and forth and his eyes light up.

It mortifies Heather beyond all belief when I take her ANYWHERE. Of course cause moms are retarded already and this just ADDS to the retardedness of her OWN mom. Of course as most of you know...if I know I can embarrass you -- I will!!! Its been a fun time!! Arent kids good playtoys!?

Dh is feeling better. Drugs are doing their job and between that and rest, he is on the mend! WOOHOOO!

No one else is sick. I am feeling pretty good and of course since the girls had a Birthday party to go to they were feeling JUST FINE. So not much partying going on for the weekend, but we are enjoying the slow times.

May you be blessed today!


kari and kijsa said...

Tee Hee! Thank you for all your prayers and blessings!
Have a wonderful Labor Day,
kari & kijsa

Lori Stilger said...

OK, I have to admit, Beck, I can identify with Heather on this one. A FISH????????????? Oh, GOSH. Yeah, I can see feeling rather embarrassed to be ridin' with ya! :D

Heather Peterson said...

I agree on that Lori.It was embarassing. She held down the brake to make it move all the way out of the parking lot.