Aug 10, 2008

Dollar Stamps

When I was in the checkout line at AC Moore the other day, I made the comment that I was soooo excited that the dollar stamps were back. The checkout lady said she always thought that they were cute, but since most of them were so tiny she never knew how to use them effectively. So it was my mission to accomplish this! Yes, these are ALL dollar stamps. The borders were all in one package and then the pumpkin was in another. SUPER UBER CUTE Halloweenie ones there too. You should go check em out! Either that or sign on to EBay and pay five times that--cracks me up!

The garage sale was fabulous! Though, I didnt find any fantastic deals it was so much fun to wander around and look at everything. We did a lot of walking. It was so funny to see how different people looked at their own personal stuff. Many saw it for the junk that it was and priced it accordingly, others thought it was gold and also had it priced accordingly. It was great fun and we ate good too. The girls both enjoyed spending their allowances. Heather got the most beautiful Asian blouse. And Hannah got several little bitty whosits and whatsits. All you have to do is put SALE in front of that girl and she is all over it.

As we were on our way back home we stopped by the outlet mall. BIG DOGS was closing and since we have a Big Dog in our family we had a good time shopping in there. Even the girls were enthused. We got Hannah a shirt that says: I want it all, is that a problem? Sooo her! And Heather got one that said...DO I LOOK LIKE A PEOPLE PERSON? Hahahha...So her as well. We had a good time looking at and laughing at all of the shirts and their sayings. I got one that says...If Mama aint happy aint nobody happy! And another that says....I believe the words you are searching for is YES MOM. *LOL* Like I said, we had a grand time!

Today we are off to church and then into some serious reprogramming and getting ready for the big day tomorrow. babies are growing up too fast. I leave you on this note tho--a few counties away, I saw on the news last night that they are postponing the opening of schools because of the defacite in the budget. Yes, 7500 children will not start school because they couldnt agree on money. Oh dear Lord, though I dont always agree with our leaders, thank you for those here that at least know the importance of education.

Have a blessed day!


Jennifer said...

I know, how sad is that about school? It's awful.

You did an excellent job on your card mission.

Anonymous said...

Yard sales are always fun, no matter if your having one or going to one!

Patty Williams said...

This is a very cute card! Sweet!

Our school system is in a financial fiscal emergency... they've just realized the incoming revenue was going to be short 1/2 they've decided to close one of the elementary schools a month before school starts! Oy.

Ours go back on the 26th...summer has flown by and I'm not likin' it one tiny bit. :)

Thanh Vo said...

Hey Becky, I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it. :)

I know your kids are off to school... but that really just means more stamping time for you! lol