Aug 11, 2008

Chin up

My babies are off! The very first day of school! They were so excited!! Theres nothing like a brand new pair of shoes and a new backpack to make everything all the more exciting. They were up, dressed, tummies full and teeth brushed just a dancin back and forth -- ready to go out. I am sure the excitement will wear off soon, as they are reunited with their friends, get into the routine of the classes and the homework begins. But how exciting it is for just one day for everything to be NEW and full of anticipation.

I love this stamp! The possibilities are endless!! This one has 2 flaps on it. A lot of people look at them and say NO WAY---way too much work! But for me...its good TV work. I can color in front of the tv.

I am still experimenting with these felt flower thingies I got. I LOVE them, but I cant ever seem to get em to look quite right. Some are good, uhhh and some not so good.
Then the next thing...
If you are a parent then chances are you know exactly what I am talking about. And if you arent a parent, I am guessing you might know as well. But when you are reprimanding your child or you are trying to tell them something very important, you might lift their chin up so they are looking at you. They may try to move their eyes to still follow the distractions around them, but yet their face is pointed to you. You arent quite happy with the situation until you have their FULL attention...chin up AND eyes on you. I wonder tho. How often does God lift OUR chins up and is waiting patiently for us to focus back on Him? We go through the motions of being a good wife, we go to church and do all the things that a good little Christian should do, but are we truly focused on Him? Or are we still looking or even acting along with all of the distractions. Praise God that He has more patience than I do as a parent.
How bout you? Is your chin up but life a wandering? Are you living as though you could receive the evil "LOOK" at any moment. I laugh and make fun of the "mom look", but the funny thing is--my children both know that if they get the look they are 1 step away from the wrath of the evil mom and should probably change whatever it is that they are doing. How do WE act though? Are we playing as we should? As though God is watching us? As though it could be any minute before we are pulled to the side and our chin raised to see Him? Funny thing is...He IS watching us.
Go today and bless!


finnabair said...

hi again :)
visiting you is just like an adventure :)
I simplu love your "Wanted" photo and a card with idea :)

BethAnne said...

Hey Becky, I found you on Lysa's blog. I am also from East Tennessee!!!

Patty Williams said...

I'm in no rush to see Summer end, but oh, how I do love the colors of Autumn! Lovely card Becky!

Anonymous said...

BEcky your pumpkin card is incredible. I would frame something that beautiful if I received it. It is amazing!! TFS

Kelli said...

Happy First Day of School! That is such a cute card!