May 12, 2008

Monday! Whats not to love?

Happy Monday everyone! If your like me, you are noticing that your "MONDAYS" are limited! As in...this is my second to last one! YIKES! Now, mind you--I am overly excited to have my babies back home and to not have to endure the alarm clock every morning! Its hard to believe that summer is just a week & a half away!

This is my new Hopper stamp. Is he not the cutest? I am hopelessly addicted to these. I just love every single one of them!

I pray that each of you had a beautiful Mother's Day. Our trip out to the lake was fabulous. My girls got me a new fishing rod for Mother's Day. Not just ANY fishing rod. This one is pink!!! And it has bling!! (And no, it is NOT Barbie...thank you) And it is an awesome rod! We fished all day. Played was awesome!!!! Yesterday, we had a wonderful lunch out and then went car shopping. WOOHOO! Yay me...right? Actually *whispering* we went looking at minivans. Okay can stop laughing now. As I know it WAS me that swore I would NEVER have one. They are ugly and nothing screams "MOM" more than a minivan, but well...for the gas mileage, for the room and for the overall just cant beat em. My car is just not working for us. Its too light to tow the pop up. It has less room than most CARS. And well....its just not working. We found one van that I really really like. Its already got the towing package on it, its got all the bells and whistles of the dvd, the navigational system, auto doors, blah blah blah. Dont know if we can make the deal work or its a "GOD thing". Meanwhile I will try to get used to the idea of a minivan. UGH! (At least it's a pretty maroon and not a granny brown or something like that.)

Anyways....I wanted to add a small note to all those that are enduring the weather. For those of you that have family that is or that are close in some way to all of the destruction as of late. My heart truly goes out to you. We have had some severe winds, but nothing as dramatic as what those to the West, North, South and even East of us have had. I pray for safety, healing and recovery for all. May God bless you.

Its stamping day! WOOHOOO! I am off to go and play!

And I leave you with this poem that I rec via email this morning! I thought it was VERY fit! Enjoy!

Help Wanted Position: Mom, Mommy, MaMa, Ma

Job Description: Long term project leader needed for difficult work in an often unorganized environment.

Potential applicants should possess excellent communication skills and be willing to work variable hours. Hours will include evenings and weekends and even 24 hour shift work. Overnight travel may be required including primitive camping sites with small campers, sporting tournaments and other events in distant cities.

Expenses are not reimbursed for these or any other day trips. Courier duties will be added as necessary with little or no notice.

No sick leave nor vacation pay.

Responsibilities: The rest of your life. Must be willing to be hated until someone needs Five dollars or more. Must be able to bite tongue without bleeding. Must posses the physical stamina of a pack mule but be more cooperative. Must be able to go from zero to 60 miles per hour when screams come from the backyard. Must be mechanically and technically capable of working small gadget repair such as puzzle stuffed toilets and stuck parka zippers. Screening skills for phone calls and computer usage is useful as well as the ability to coordinate a team calendar and see to the completion of various homework projects on schedule. Must be willing to be indispensable but also a complete embarrassment. Must handle the assembly and product safety testing of hundreds of Foreign made cheap plastics and battery not included products. Must always hope for the best and be prepared for the worse case scenario. You will also be responsible for all the janitorial work throughout the facility.

Possibility for Advancement: NONE. Your job will remain in the same position for years and you shouldn't complain but instead constantly retrain yourself and update your skills so those around you will ultimately still be smarter than yourself.

Previous Experience: Not required, but on the job training will be offered at an exhausting pace.

Wages and Compensation: Actually you will pay them and offer them frequent raises and bonuses. You must assume that college will help them become independent after a balloon payment is demanded at age 18. When you are dead you will expected to let them inherit anything that might be left. It's odd but you will actually cooperate and sometimes enjoy this reverse salary arrangement and wish it could be more.

Benefits: No health. No dental. No pension. No reimbursement for tuition. No paid holidays. No stock options. Please note however that this job includes limitless opportunities for personal growth. You may even receive unconditional love and free hugs and kisses for life if you are successful in your project.

Retirement: None, that is Never. Because you are a mother forever and just maybe thru the Grace of God will can know the unlimited of joy of being a grandmother.

Happy Mother's Day to those of you ON THE JOB.

Written by Ray Smith


Lori Stilger said...

Good morning, Girlie! :D I LOVE the Hopper card - SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO friggin' CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day - did anyone take a pic of you and your fishing pole?????

Anonymous said...

That card is gorgeous...just so darn cute! Wish I had some of those images and the house mouse ones, they are just darling!

Glad you enjoyed your Mothers Day ! I had a lovely one as well!

Debbie said...

This card is adorable. I love those Happy Hoppers even tho I don't have any. They are such cute lil bunnies.

Anonymous said...

I just commend you...cause if I would have seen the position wanted ad in the paper, minus the Mommy Title...I defiantly wouldnt have been applying! Needless to say I don't have kids...

The Mini-Van comment is hilarious! I could never see myself buying one,...but some are really really nice! One day if I had kids...I would love to have a Honda Odyssey..Those are NICE!!! or the NISSAN one...