May 10, 2008

Happy Moms Day

Happy Mom's Day friends. And especially to YOU, Mom. I hope that your weekend proves to be beautiful. We are heading out on the lake with my in-laws today. Agh! First time in a bathing suit this season. That will shock a person back into reality huh? Oh well, gonna be a great day despite the whale stuffed into the little black bathing suit!

This is not a great pic of the card I did for mom. But I was trying to capture the fact that its 3-D. I stamped the fan twice and then cut out alternating blades and popdotted them all on top. Then I stitched the ribbon around the top of all of them. I think its pretty.

I love you Mom, and I love all of my "adopted" moms. I love all of you friends. Have a fantabulous and perfect weekend!!

Be blessed---B

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Jennifer said...

Happy Mother's Day Becky!