Jan 18, 2008


Chelsey and I have decided to challenge each other to a weekly sketch challenge. Each week the sketch will be posted on both of our blogs and if you wish to participate link to your card in the comments thread.

This week's sketch credits go to:
Cindy Smith and her card in card creations (primedia publications) #5.

Here is my first card.

And here is my 2nd. Reverse matting. Shadowbox. COOL HUH! But now after looking at Chelsey's I gotta try it again.

OK...now after talking with a friend this morning on the phone. She gave me this tidbit...
Made me really stop and ponder life a bit.
Do not hold anyone accountable for something that is not Biblical. Which of course also means...DO hold accountable that which is.
WOW! What a statement. So how much of that OTHER stuff is soooo not worthy of our worry and time?? WOW!
Dont forget to post here for BLOG CANDY!!!
Go now...enjoy the day!--B


Chelsey said...

great use of our sketch girly!!! have a great day

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Lovely cards! Can't wait till I get a stash built up so I can just pick and choose (and copy!) Nice colors on both of these...making me wish for Spring :) But it's only January, think I've got a whole lotta winter left yet!

Have fun tonight with no kiddos!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your lovely comments about my cards... and glad you liked the ribbon chaos as well... drives me crazy! Your cards are fabulous... I love the window and will have to try that out... as far as the "tidbit" - wow, that is so powerful. Thanks for sharing, I need to adjust my perspective from time to time as it get warped by the world...

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean to be anonymous...my 3yo accidentally hit the button.. aargh!!!
Choosing an identity this time *smile*!