Jan 19, 2008

And the winner IS!!!!!

OK girls...THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for stopping by this week to put your name in the hat! I have soooo enjoyed seeing new blogs, meeting new people and of course hearing all of your comments. I also loves my friends. THANK YOU!

WOW! 98 entries! That is sooo fabulous!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!

*DRUM ROLL* Are you ready?????????


*pulling name out of hat*



Did you get that?? Nelda D in Jackson!!! YOU ARE THE WINNER!!! Wooohooooo!


Once again I thank each of you for stopping by.

I apologize for not posting more today--I promise to be back with bells on real soon--

Have a great rest of the weekend!!!!



Anonymous said...

Well...NUTS !

I'm off to pout in the corner ! :))

Anonymous said...

ooops...meant to say Congrats to Nelda...that is a gorgeous set you won!

ok..seriously now... I'm back to pouting...takin' my toys and goin' home :)

Sunnymommie said...

congrats Nelda!!!

reflections:0) said...

Congrats Nelda!