Jan 23, 2008

Just a quick note.

No creations to post this morning. As I am knee deep in REAL LIFE stuff right now. Nothing bad. Just several weeks of ignoring it --that is all. Ya know...funny thing, bills dont magically get paid all by themselves? Laundry doesnt magically wash itsself and put itsself in closets. And did YOU KNOW that dust bunnies take steroids when you arent looking? Yes, friends I am trying to play catch up.

I have also started re-reading the Bible cover to cover as you all know. Well--of course several weeks into it I decide that I want to make a little outline of the who what and when and where of everyone I read about. A quick reference --I guess is what you can call it. Now I am sure there are already some on the market and I KNOW that there is a reference in the back of my Bible, but I want to actually write it out. Ya know...my brain is small and doesnt hold a whole lot of info and already I am forgetting the who is who of what. Of course now my notes look more like a treasure map as I have arrows pointing this way and that way etching out the family trees all the way from Adam down to Noah and Abraham and Sarah. But wow...even as I RE-READ it again....I am finding more questions. How many times have YOU read Genesis and Exodus? I am willing to bet at least 3 or 4 times. Afterall...that was the beginning. Even my 6 year old knows the story of creation and then the Ark and then the plagues sent on Pharoh...but I ask you....how many times have you really really read it? How many times have you really tried to make sense of the time line? Really put it into context? So this is what my walk with God has been. I am by NO MEANS a Theologian. I have not had the calling to be a priest or any other servant of God, well not in that aspect anyways. But I have been having soooo much fun reading and re-reading and taking notes and actually learning the Bible. Since I didnt grow up in the church a lot of this is new. I mean, I have prayed and read the Bible. But I have always followed a study guide or listened to a sermon that would direct me to a certain passage. I would look up scripture to backup whatever turmoil I was going through and I would of course read psalms and proverbs to give myself peptalks. But never have I read it to depths that I am now. For a Christian thats had this pounded into them since the day they were born my questions seem little, silly or just plain weird. To me...a person who is trying to make SENSE of it all....well..they seem logical. Like the account of Pharoh's cupbearer and baker. Both had offended him. Both were sent to prison. But why did he hang the baker and not the cupbearer?

So I challenge you today. Where you are in your walk with faith. Walk further. Deeper. What questions do YOU have?

I am also veering away from the plan that I was following to read the Bible in a year. I find myself struggling to keep up with the schedule when in actuality some chapters need a bit more studying than others. Right now...my goal is no longer to read the Bible in a "year" but rather to just READ THE BIBLE! So I will update the side bar over there but dont get confused if notice I am going backwards. *LOL*

I also have a lunch date today with one of my good friends. I am excited for that. The kids are back in school (*snoopy dancing on the coffee table*) and dh is off to work. Its actually sposed to be SUNNY here today....and so its going to be a great great day!!!

So now...GO! Have a blessed day!---B


Anonymous said...

Becky, love your blog for today, I too, try to read the Bible but fail terribly. THere is alot we don't understand but we can pray that God gives us guidance on it and He will. Thanks for your wonderful Christian testimony through your blog it is very inspiring. Who knows? One of these days you may meet in Heaven someone who became a Christian through your daily postings on your blog regarding the bible, etc. Keep up the good work and keep your little light shining for Him! Brenda Fain

Anonymous said...

Bills, laundry..no fun!

Having lunch with a friend...FUN !

Hope you enjoyed your day!

Anonymous said...

Do we need to come rescue you from mountains of laundry?! LOL

Miss your posts :)