Jan 25, 2008

If You Give a Pig a Pancake

You know the popular kids book IF YOU GIVE A PIG A PANCAKE? Whether you do or not, its really a quite simple story. Starts out by saying if you give a pancake, shes probly gonna want some syrup to go with it. And then shell get all sticky, need a bath...of course if you give her a bath, she will need a rubber ducky. And so on and so on. That has been my last couple of days.

Yesterday I took a break from the world. I took a nap. I read my books. I did a little of this and a little of that...but I stayed right here at home doing it.

Today...I got up...dressed to the shoes and was ready for the day. My house is clean and well...I decided to run to the city and take care of business. I had some returns to get back, a prescription to pick up and well...you know the story. Since I am gonna do this...I might as well do this...and since I am already doing that...well then it only makes sense to do this. My short jaunt turned into an all day event as I of course had to stop by JoAnns. After all...its right next to Lowes. Well then since I was just a hop skip and a jump from the Scrapbook store...ya know....I NEEDED to stop by there too. Of course and since its right next to BigLots I just HAD to check in there for the latest and greatest. And then since I was on my way back to the interstate and had to pass by Michaels on the way...well I just HAD to stop in there as well. Now mind you with all of this "stopping" I spent a grand total of $13 dollars. *LOL* I didnt buy in most of the places I went in. I didnt even see much that I had to talk myself out of. Is that a sign that I have too much? YIPES!

OK. So I am here! I am just trying to find my tail. I promise to post soon.

Thanks everyone for the emails and comments wondering where on earth I am. I am here. Just hanging in and hanging out!

(hugs to all)--b

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