Dec 7, 2007

Im up! Im up!

Though the last couple of days have proven it difficult, I am up and going again. I have no idea which bus hit me, but boy it sure did a good job. All of my energy was zapped from me and I barely got off the couch. Though I seem to be alright today and I am back in the kitchen with my apron on.

The girls and I are going to see the Christmas Parade tonight in Knoxville. I am so anxious! They are too! Our first real celebration of the season. 18 days left til the big day and I gotta say...this is the first year ever that I think I will be all prepared and able to enjoy it. The house just needs a few finishing touches of decorating and then I can stow away all of the boxes and do a good cleaning. Now mind you...there hasnt been a day that has gone by that I havent had to remove the cat from the tree at least once. ~sigh~ I truly believe she thinks I put all of this cool stuff out just for her benefit.
Anyways. Its truffle day in the kitchen. I loooove truffles but they take forever to make and I always seem to save them for last cause well...they take forever! But my baking is coming along well. And my freezer is happy to be full of sweets. Ya know...funniest thing though. There has been a mouse getting into my white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. They are slowly disappearing 2 at a time. Hmmm...wonder if I have a trap big enough to catch him. Or maybe I should just make some more.
This card is one I did to break out of the red and green thing for a bit. I am hoping to use it as a nice spring RAK after the holidays. Lately with all of my cards I have been trying to incorporate more of the design on the inside. Since I write letters most often in my cards I tend not to put sentiments. But these little flowers in the corner add just a hint of color and they dont take up too much WRITING room.

Have a fantastic day. Create something fabulous today! Bec

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