Dec 4, 2007


Do you ever have days where you simply spend the whole day saying DUH and remarkably enough you are the only person there? I will be the first one to admit that most of my days are made up of dumb moves on my part, but today in particular seems to be over flowing with them.

A few days ago I read Dawns Blog (Nov 27th post) and laughed out loud because her son had turned on the mixer full of flour, on high. It sprayed her kitchen with a nice dust and remarkably she kept her cool through all of it and her 3 year old lived to enjoy the pumpkin bread too. OK...but what do you do when it is YOU that does the idiotic act and you DO know better? This morning as I was so excited to try this new recipe for almond sand dollars I poured not just one...but 3 cups of powdered sugar into a moving mixer. ME, covered. Cupboards, covered. Red mixer, now white. All I could say...was DUH.

I havent put ink to paper yet today but I promise to be back with something fabulous this afternoon. Right now I am half scared to touch anything for fear that I will sit on an ink pad or something.

Enjoy your day. Whether it be covered in sunshine, rain or snow (the cold stuff or the white fluffy stuff that comes out of the mixer)--enjoy!


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Anonymous said...

LOL -- how "seasonable" of you... maybe we'll see real snow this winter instead of just in the kitchen...